Preserve Your Memories

If you are at all like most folks I’ve talked with recently, you probably have a closet or box filled with old 8mm movies or VHS tapes. Some of you have a similar box of audio tapes and a perhaps a batch of slides and a stash of long play records. You haven’t viewed or listened to your valuable collection in years and the equipment which played them is long gone or no longer operable.

Perhaps it’s time to preserve these old and valuable memories to a more modern format so you can again enjoy them. You won’t find a more reasonable way of doing this — give me an opportunity to make these accessible.

You Only Pay What You Think It’s Worth
Some folks said: “we want to pay a fair amount, but I have absolutely no idea what’s fair and reasonable.” So, prices shown are just guidelines which represent a reasonable cost based upon what seems to be charged in the market-place for similar services. Absolutely no obligation to use these guidelines —  Just consider what seems reasonable to you.

— 8mm & 16mm Movie Film — Preserve on a DVD.
…..$5.00 each 3″ reel or $.10 per foot.
— VHS, VHS-C, Betamax, Video8, Hi8, Digital8, MiniDV 
   …..$5.00 per tape   — Preserve on a DVD.
— Convert foreign PAL & SECAM formats to NTSC
.….$5.00 per tape

— Cassette; 8-Track; Micro-Cassette; 33, 45, 78 Records
…..$3.00 per tape or long-play record, $1.50 each for 45 & 78’s.
— Reel to Reel
…..$5.00 each Reel
All Audio saved onto a USB Flash Drive or CD
I recommend saving as mp3 files, but format is your choice.
I can put the files on your flash drive or furnish a drive for $5.
Files saved on CD, add $1 per CD.

                Don’t Throw Them Out:
Free repair of most audio or video cassettes.  

— 35mm Slides or Negatives
…..$.20 each for first 100, $.15 each for all others.
— Photographs, Larger Negatives or Documents
…..$.25 each
— Entire photo albums or scrap books
…..$.20 each item
Normally save files as JPG, but can use any format you require.
I can put the files on your flash drive or furnish a drive for $5.
…..Files saved on CD, add $1 per CD.
— Designs or Pictures Transferred to shirts, totes & such. 

…..$5.00 each transfer.   Your picture or design.
— 2-1/4″ Round Pin-back  Badges — make great ID badges for group meetings.
…..Depends on quantity — figure something like .75 to $1 per badge.
— Laminated Luggage Tags, Pictures,  Signs,  Documents up t o 11″ X 17″
…..Half a buck on up to $2.00 depending upon size.
— Special: 12 Calendar  Pictures back to back to make 6 placemats
— $9.95 / set
— Rubber Stamps – 1-1/4″ inked stamps to put your picture on correspondence— $15.

Want to make a few copies of your CD’s or DVD’s as archive copies, or files of pictures to give to family.  $2.00 for each copy –– includes label and envelope.

OOPS — someone recently told me:
“Came back from a visit abroad with several DVDs of attractions and some great CDs of a local concert — none of them will work in my players — some strange foreign format.”
Yes, I can easily convert your PAL formatted disks to NTSC,  so you can enjoy your memories here at home.  Ask about format conversions —

Search around on-line. You won’t find more reasonable pricing,
because I know of no one else who lets you decide what to pay.
Give me a call if you have any questions.
Please contact me when you are ready to
Preserve your Memories

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